Friday, January 30, 2015

Sorelle Sweater to Leaf Blanket

The Sorelle Lace Edge Sweater was really going well (was is the key word here), but.....

the pattern calls for cotton and I thought I could use a worsted weight to make it a more fall/winter sweater rather than a spring/summer sweater. Well, I was wrong! (not the first time ;) ) The sweater really was not falling and draping nicely and I figured if I kept on going, I would probably finish it and never wear it. So, I decided since I really like the yarn, I would use it for the second baby gift I want to make. I found a really pretty leaf baby blanket on Ravelry. Last night I started the blanket and this morning I am happy with how it is progressing. 

Of course, me being me, I have changed it a bit. The pattern says to use double strands and cast on 100 stitches. I don't want a baby blanket that bulky, especially since this baby is due to arrive in April. So, I cast on 160 stitches using only one strand of the worsted weight yarn.  This morning I took it off the needles, laid it out on the floor to see how wide it really would be and it is PERFECT! I will post pictures of it in progress later and of course when it is finally complete.

Wishing my followers a wonderful weekend!

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  1. LOL! Do we EVER follow the pattern exactly? Nope. LOL! Can't wait to see this baby blanket! blessings ~ tanna


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