Monday, September 22, 2014

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

My daughter and her husband were here for dinner yesterday, and both have been living the Paleo diet for well over a year. I wanted to have a dessert to offer after dinner, so I made Sharon from Fondue's Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake recipe, which was a big hit with everyone!

I found the recipe on Pinterest, but I will direct you to the link where the recipe can be found,  Empowered Sustenance.

Now mind you, the recipe calls for ingredients that you would not typically have in your pantry, unless you too were living the Paleo lifestyle. For instance, the recipe calls for almond flour, coconut sugar, coconut milk, and arrowroot starch. However, I am confident that you could substitute cake flour for the almond flour, light brown sugar for the coconut sugar, heavy cream for the coconut milk and cornstarch for the arrowroot starch and still come out with a delicious version. It will not be grain-free, gluten free or dairy free, but it would still be delicious!

Pre-Birthday Gift Giving

My daughter has been wanting a poncho for sometime. When we finally found a pattern which we both liked, I decided I would knit it as a birthday present. Her birthday is not until next month, but yesterday was the perfect opportunity to surprise her with the finished pieced.


She truly likes it!

Of course these are "in the moment" photos, however, I have been assured that when the poncho is paired up with tights and a long sleeve top I will be receiving other photos to post and share.

Happy Birthday!

The pattern, Gale by Alicia Plummer, was knit using Wool-ease Chunky (color denim).

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On My Needles

Photo is the property of Louis Chicquette

I am working on a rice stitch prayer shawl designed by Louis Chicquette. The pattern is easy and beautiful. Louis offers the pattern for free on Ravelry. I am using left over yarn from a project that will soon be gifted. I have not posted that project yet because I believe the person receiving the gift follows my blog! Soon, very soon, I will share that finished piece. In the meantime, check out Louis's pattern on Ravelry. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Still Knitting, Cooking and Creating!



My blogging experience started in 2006 with a knitting blog and then in 2008 I published a cooking blog and a photography blog. This blog, Nonna Rose Creates and Cooks, is a culmination of those blogs, but now is the only blog I will be publishing on the Internet.  If you decide to follow my blog, I hope you will find it an enjoyable and resourceful site.

Please leave a comment when visiting; I really enjoy hearing from my readers.

Sometimes it's not about the journey or the destination..but about the people you meet along the way.   ~  Nishan Panwar


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