Sunday, May 29, 2016

Spring Happenings

Geez, I can't believe how long it has been since I posted anything here. Although I have not been posting, I have been busy with lots of different things. I will try to give you a glimpse into some of what's been going on since my husband's birthday in March.

Hubby has been enjoying his birthday present. 

Vanilla still seems to be the flavor of choice. He actually has the ingredients chilling in the refrigerator today, so we can enjoy homemade ice cream for dessert this evening.

My husband and I lead a parish retreat, along with our pastor who was the spiritual advisor.

The planning began in January for the retreat to happen in April.

My mother celebrated her 98th birthday!

I celebrated a birthday, which qualifies me for Social Security benefits!

Cooking healthy meals is still a priority. This creamy mushroom, chicken dish was easy, delicious and low in WW points....7 SP to be exact to those WW members who might be following my blog. The recipe in on Pinterest.

This lemon/blueberry trifle is not as healthy, nor as low in points. One thirteenth will cost me 12 SP, but well worth the sacrifice! 

I was able to spend a fun afternoon with my husband last week when he took a ride in a stock car around the Pocono Raceway.


I have been knitting like crazy since February when I knit my son's birthday sweater. Gifts, gifts and more gifts in the making. 

The cotton tunic and two baby sweaters are three of the most recent projects drying on my blocking board as I work on this post.

Although I don't have a picture yet to share of my garden, it has been planted and making progress. Late start this season because it was unusually cold here in NE PA, so planting was more than a week behind schedule.

So, as you can see I haven't been loafing, just very lax in posting and sharing with you. I will try to do better this summer. In the meantime, stay well my faithful followers.


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