Friday, October 21, 2016

Back home in Alaska....

Alaska today!

Just minutes ago my daughter sent these pictures, which is the view from her living room!

So beautiful!

Birthday Sweaters

 It was so great to spend time with our daughter and 
her husband while they were visiting from Alaska.

 We celebrated her birthday ....

She liked the sweater I knit for her.....

The pattern is "Siri" by Linnea Ohman

We also celebrated our son-in-law's birthday......

...and he too seemed to like the sweater I knit for him!

It is Hannah Fettig's "Zip up Cardigan" pattern.

I kept teasing him that he looks Amish with the beard he grew, so I bought him a handmade Amish work hat straight from Landcaster!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Mr and Mrs....

Yesterday, my great niece got married. Although I took well over a hundred photos, I will only share a few here today. One in particular is that of her wedding dress...

She wore the dress her mother wore thirty years ago.  Her mother (left) redesigned the dress herself, at her daughter's request (right). 

Her mother managed this task while undergoing chemo treatment....

Doesn't she look radiant!?

It was a thrilling day for my mother...

to be with her granddaughter (above picture) and watch her great-granddaughter marry and....

...enjoy time with her great-great granddaughter too!

(double click to make photo larger)

Congratulations, Mr and Mrs!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Early Morning Walk

I so enjoy when I spot deer on my walk in the morning. This little family took notice of me too.

Then, I walked a few more blocks and saw this lovely couple! It seems as though they were greeting me too.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Day at the Beach

Friday my hubby and I were able to steal a day and take off for the Jersey shore. It had been five years since we had been to the Jersey shore and three years since we've had sand in between our toes. It was most enjoyable!

Although I took many pictures of the surf and scenery, I am sharing here my most favorite picture of the day......

We were walking along the beach and from a distance I could see this woman sitting at the ocean's edge. I said to my husband, "there is a gorgeous picture." I zoomed in and captured what I think is a "beauty!"  When we finally walked up to where this woman was seated, I bend down, took her hand and said, "You are beautiful!" She gave us the warmest smile and begin to converse with us. She told us that she was 90 years old, and was at the beach with five generations of her family. She told us that she has been in the hospital a lot lately, and that she prays every night she will die at home, because she doesn't want to die in a hospital. Her husband of 63 years died at home after having his leg amputated and she hoped the same for herself. We talked about how sitting and listening to the ocean, and  being with her family is the best possible medicine in the world. We wished each other a good day, and we continued on our walk.  I don't know her name, but I certainly wish her the best and will pray that she be granted her wish to die at home.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pizza Making Day at "Non" Camp

Although I can't share the true faces of these sweet girls, know that they had fun today making pizza from start to finish!

Making the dough...

making the mozzarella...

the sauce...

putting the pizza together...

and finally, cooking it on the grill and enjoying every bite!

It was amazing that these two young girls could stay focused for three full hours to do all this work.

And help with the clean-up.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Faux Roman Shades

So another Saturday and another project. Hubby is outside working and I'm inside sewing new window treatments for our kitchen. It has taken me awhile to decide what I wanted, and now that I've decided I have to move on the idea before I change my mind!

I like the look of Roman Shades when they are folded up ...

This is an example I found on the web.
... but not so much when they are down covering a window.

I was going to follow directions I found on Pinterest to make Roman shades, but realizing I would never pull the shades down, I thought why go through all the bother. So I decided to make a valance that looked like a Roman shade; or something like a Roman Shade. 

I am still not decided if I really like it as much as I thought I would. However, it took me all week to like the box valance we made last week for the patio door. It just takes me awhile to be objective and less judgmental of my work.

One thing I do wish is that I made it long enough to have a third fold! Hubby and I both did the measuring and we both THOUGHT we calculated for a third fold, but as you can see there are only two folds. I thought of faking a third fold with the fabric left at the bottom, but you'd see the "fake" from the outside and goodness knows we can't have that!!  

Next, I need to make a matching valance for the window over the sink, but I think it will have to wait until tomorrow or one evening during the week. In the meantime; I have mismatched windows! 


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