Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February's Memorable Moments

My dear friend, Joe, traveled to Rome to meet with the Pope!
He has received the mandate from the Holy Father to serve as a Missionary of Mercy.

Another dear friend, Nancy, invited us to celebrate her mother's 95th birthday.
Happy birthday, Dear Helen!

My niece has had two rounds of chemotherapy and as expected her hair started falling out in clumps.
So, yesterday was hair buzzing day.
Bald is BEAUTIFUL and so is Betty!

Here she is sporting one of her new wigs. She plans on having several, 
and as she put it, "I'm planning on getting some fun ones too, so I can switch them out each day. Making the most of it."
Betty has an awesome attitude, which shows her inner beauty!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Simple 2x2 Rib Cap

I cannot possibly send two hats off to Alaska for my daughter 
without even one hat for my son-in-law!

Using scraps from the Swirl Cap I knit last year, I was able to whip up this beanie last evening. I like how the self-striping yarn looks. I have a feeling my son-in-law will like it too. 

The original pattern is on Ravelry for free here, however I knit it in the round not wanting to have a seam.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cathedral Cap

Using the same Jiffy bulky yarn I used for the Wise Old Owl hat, I knit this Cathedral cap. This hat is much longer than the owl hat;  longer than I could have anticipated. Crazy, because I checked my gauge which was right on the money!

So, I decided to take out 18 rows and create my own decreasing crown by knitting only five rows, eliminating 13 rows and several inches! 

I am much happier with the hat now, and I believe it still holds the integrity of the design. I only hope I have shortened it enough, but not so much that it doesn't cover my daughters ears!

Specs: one skein Jiffy bulky yarn, slivery heather and size 4 needles
Pattern: Cathedral cap (modified)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hat and Scarf for Charity

This 'Wise Old Owl' hat was easy and fun to knit. I knit it in one night! Although I could sew buttons onto every detailed cable to give all the owls eyes, I have chosen to only give two owls sight. One on each side, so if you are standing on either side of the wearer you will notice the hat has owls knitted into it.  The pattern is free on Ravelry.

Below are two pictures of a "Spectacular Single Skein Scarf" I knit a few weeks ago. It too was very easy and fun to knit. It is not real wide because I want it to be for a child.  This pattern was also found on Ravelry and is free.

Hat Specs:  Pattern: Wise Old Owl Hat; Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn (Silver Heather) and size 10 needles

Scarf Specs: Pattern: Spectacular Single Skein Scarf; Chunky scraps from stash and size 8 needles

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ribbed Skull Cap

Two years ago I knit Jim two hats, but this winter neither can be located. So, he requested that I knit him another. 

I knit this hat from the leftover  Osprey yarn, which I used for Matthew's birthday sweater.

The pattern is the same as I used for his other hats: "That Chocolate Has Gone Straight to Your Ribs" found on Ravelry.

Specs: Osprey yarn, less than a skein (moss) and size 4 needles.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Eyelet and Garter Baby Afghan

Using double strands of Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn worsted weight and a size 15 needle, I knit this blanket in two days. Miss A. will gift it this week, to her teacher, whose baby girl is due in May.

 The pattern, designed by JoAnne Turcotte, is easy and fun to knit.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Birthday Sweater

On January 22nd, after finishing the chemo blanket for my niece, I decided I would attempt to knit a sweater for my son's February 1st birthday.  Call me crazy! 

On January 29th, one week into the process I was not sure that the sweater would fit him. The measurements were exact when I laid it out to be blocked, but it just looked so big!

For certain the sleeves were too wide, this I knew based on the measurements of his favorite, existing sweater and the blocked sleeve. Although I emailed Hannah Fettig the designer, she was not quick to get back to me. Mind you, she did get back to me, but not until after the project was completed.

Because I had not heard from Hannah in a timely fashion, I dug out my Elizabeth Zimmerman Knitting Workshop book and used her formula to modify Hannah's pattern. Using 30% of the body's number of CO stitches I was able to REKNIT the sleeves to correct size! (two more days of knitting!)

On January 31st; one day before my son's birthday, I began the process of constructing the cardigan.
The worst part of the entire project was installing the zipper.

Happy birthday! The completed sweater fits him perfectly and he likes it!!!

Although I was hesitant about sewing together the saddle shoulder, I love them and so does he.

He wore the sweater the remainder of the evening, and seriously seemed to like it.
My only critical comment, and I am always critical of my work, is that I wish I would have used a smaller needle for a tighter gauge. Mind you, my gauge was spot on, which is proven by the fit, but with the wool I used, I don't like that you can see threw the weave.  So, the next sweater I knit for him, and there will be another now that I have his measurements, I will adjust the gauge tighter!

Osprey yarn, 100% American Wool, purchased through Quince and Co. (nearly 8 hanks)
                                        sizes 8 and 10 needles 


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