Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fond Memories

1977      -       2017

My dear friend, Eileen (age 26 on the left, 1977) asked me to make her a pair of skin tight, black satin slacks. I am pretty sure I used taffeta, not satin, but I did sew up a pair for her to wear to a party. We had so many laughs while making these slacks because Eileen kept asking me to make the legs tighter and tighter; she wanted them pencil thin!

Fast forward 40 years! Eileen called me last week and asked if I thought she could wear those SAME slacks to a wedding. She always told me that she'd never get rid of them, and she never did. Of course, I told her they would work since all the younger girls seem to be wearing leggings everywhere. She pull them out from the back of her closet; matched them up with a top, and there you have her (on the right, soon to be 66, 2017) wearing the very same slacks 40 years later!

Way to go, Eileen, even more beautiful today.

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