Thursday, June 23, 2016

Nonna Camp: Week 1

Planning for a fun-filled summer. . . 

There will be only a few weeks that I will get to spend time with my granddaughter, but during those weeks we have collaborated on a bunch of fun stuff to do together. Last week was our first week together, although it was only a partial week; we had a great time making decadent chocolates and weaving a basket.

We made raspberry filled and peanut butter filled chocolates. There were enough chocolates to fill five gift boxes; one of which became Miss A.'s Father's Day gift for her dad.   
The chocolates were truly decadent!

Three hours is what it took to make the chocolates and three hours is what it took to weave this pretty little basket. However, the attention span was definitely more in tune to making the chocolates!  Miss A. got through it though with a bit of help,  and is enjoying the use of her basket, which she added to her art supply closet.

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