Sunday, May 17, 2015

From Nonna to Nonna

 These bearded irises or 'flags' grow from very old rhizomes.

My Nonna Rose lived with us, or maybe we lived with her; but anyway she grew flags in her yard when I was a very little girl.  When she died and my parents moved from her house, my mom dug up the rhizomes and transplanted the flags at their new home.

When my husband and I bought the house we live in now, my mom gave me a few rhizomes to plant in my yard. The flowers bloomed and did well, getting so full that I separated them and shared the plants with a cousin, and she planted them in her yard too.

Last year my batch did not bloom; they had hardly survived the winter. My cousin said she'd give me some of hers if what did survive (but didn't bloom) last year did not yield flowers this year. However, I am so happy to share that the few flags I have left from my Nonna Rose bloomed this year and are just beautiful! 


  1. What pretty irises! I love that flower. And they are even more special for you since they remind you of your Nonna. Enjoy!

  2. Beautiful flags! My mother and grandmother always had flags. I love them! I have white and a lighter shade of purple. Love spring! All the pretty flowers are blooming. My roses are blooming beautifully!

  3. There is something so very, very special about all things that are passed down... love that they are blooming so beautifully this year! blessings ~ tanna


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