Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

From early times, the egg was a symbol of re-birth.  The exchange of eggs was a springtime custom in some cultures. They were sometimes wrapped in gold leaf.  Peasants would color eggs by boiling them with the leaves or petals of certain flowers. (taken from The Little Black Book)

Well, Until 2:00 PM today we did not have any colored Easter eggs!  I had debated if I really wanted to take the time to dye eggs since our  children and granddaughter would not be with us this year. However, my dear husband was looking for an egg and I just had to do something. So, in less than 30 minutes, I hardboiled a dozen eggs and dyed them!

Drops of food coloring on a napkin......

... rub onto cooked eggs, and....

...viola' dyed, marbleized Easter eggs!

No mess, no muss, it could not be simpler. If you want to give it a try sometime, here is the link: Dying Easter Eggs (of course I found it on Pinterest!  It says to shine the eggs with oil but I skipped that step.) 

Do you know what else is easy?  Cooking the entire Easter meal in crock pots!

Easter Dinner Menu

Mustard Glazed Ham
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Bacon Mustard Green Beans
Scalloped Pineapple
Honey Carrots
Acini De Pepe Fruit Salad
Lemon Pie Bars

Details and recipes to follow......Happy Easter!


  1. Nice work! Everything looks great...can't wait to here what everyone thought.

  2. Very clever and unusual to dye the eggs that way! I love your egg dish with the added jelly beans and foil-covered choc. eggs too. :-)

    Now using crockpots to do an entire meal is a great idea! Can't wait for recipes/links. We do a traditional Slovak Easter meal, serving 4 types of meats all cooked the day before, cubed/sliced, and then served on Easter cold. Along with the meat is potato salad and cole slaw, Poppy Seed cake, Nut cake, and homemade cheese. :-)

  3. Now that's a clever way to dye eggs. However no extra dye to dye wool! LOL a number of the fiber dyers on FB had leftover dye from there eggs and dyed yarn with it. But I must admit, I love the marble look of your eggs!

  4. LOVE those eggs!!! Very clever! blessings ~ tanna


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