Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday Dinner on Saturday Night

Last evening we had a few friends over for dinner. I made all NEW recipes! Some people think that's crazy, but I always figure what better time to try out something new. The guests have no idea how it should to taste anyway. Well, every course was a huge hit!

Sadly, I forgot to take pictures, so I am using photos from the sites where I found the recipes and I am hoping by giving credit to the owners that I won't be forced to remove them later.

We started the meal off with a wonderful soup, that one of the guests made and brought along. It was simply various sauté' vegetables in a vegetable broth, but oh so good! Then, we moved on to salad which was brimming with vegetables and a touch of cheese. Next, started the parade of new recipes, which I have listed for you below. 

Everyone was delighted!

Photo is property of Saving Room for Dessert

The chicken was so tender; the sauce just delicious. I increased the recipe by about a third and then discovered I did not have a fry pan large enough to accommodate all the chicken for the final stage of cooking. So, as I fried the pieces, I placed them in an 11 x15 baking dish; covered with foil and kept in a 195 degree oven to keep warm while I finished frying all12 pieces.  When the sauce was cooked, I poured it over the cutlets, covered the pan and increased the heat to 250 degrees. I left the dish in the oven for about a half hour, while we had soup and salad; it was perfect!  You can find the original recipe here.

Photo is property of Creme De La Crumb

These potatoes were so delicious and the easiest part of the meal; they were made in the crockpot!  
You can find the recipe right here.

Photo is the property of Dam Delicious

These carrots were awesome; not one left in the dish! My husband asked that I make  the potatoes and carrots again for Easter.

The recipe can be found here.

Photo is property of Jessica at Sprinkle Some Sugar

My mother and I each had a small portion for breakfast yesterday morning to "test" it. When my mom compliments something I have made I KNOW it is good.
The recipe for this wonderful dessert can be found here.

Photo is the property of Weight Watchers

The other dessert I decided to try was this Chocolate Walnut Cake that was published in this week's handout at Weight Watchers. I wanted to make it mainly because one of the guests lives a gluten free lifestyle and if you noticed all the recipes here are gluten free. Yes, even the chicken since the recipe says to dredge the chicken in rice flour. However, I used a gluten free all purpose flour instead. Well, I did NOT have an angel food pan and thought I would do just fine baking this recipe in a bundt pan.  WRONG! I could not get the cake out of the pan.  I knew at that moment that I was indeed a grown-up mature woman, because I did not get at all upset. I simply scooped all of the cake out into a bowl and decided that my second dessert would be a "chocolate crumble!"  When it was time for dessert I asked, "Who would like rice pudding and who would like chocolate crumble with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup?"  For those who asked for the chocolate crumble dessert, I placed a portion of the "cake" onto a syrup drizzled plate, topped it with two scoops of vanilla ice cream drizzled with more syrup and viola', a decadent dessert was had!

When everyone was done with their dessert I shared the cake story and showed them the crumbled mess; we all had a chuckled, but agreed it was still a delicious treat.

An artist friend once told me that there are no mistakes; only opportunities to be creative; such wonderful advice.

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  1. Oh, my goodness! What a feast Rose! You had some very lucky folks to enjoy that dinner! I'm like you... I LOVE to try new recipes on guests! LOL! ;) Thank you for the links!! blessings ~ tanna


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