Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mikayla's Voice Wheels of Friendship Project

I am on the board of a nonprofit, Mikayla's Voice, which works with children of all abilities through inclusive practices in schools and the community. The children we work with have been blessed with an appreciation for children with disabilities and along the way have developed great friendships. 

Today I decided to share with you a post that I published on Mikayla's Voice blog. If you like what you read here, maybe you will take the time to visit the pages of our website.


The Wheels of Friendship inclusive painting program has given children of various abilities the opportunity to create amazing artwork. Most recently, Mikayla and Kim worked with students at the Easton Area Middle School.
"Many Snowflakes, All Unique"
IMG_7820 - Version 2
"Many Colors, On One Tree."
What a pleasure to have worked with fifth and sixth graders: Alex, Adam and their friends from Easton Area Middle School!
The boys are shown in the picture above with Skills USA students from the Bethlehem Vocational-Technical School.  The BAVTS building trades students build the frames and wrap the canvases for all the painting created through the Wheels of Friendship program.
                          Alex stands proudly with his family in front of the painting he and his classmates created,
"Many Colors, On One Tree."
"Many Snowflakes, All Unique" hangs prominently behind Adam and his family.
The paintings and their titles  epitomize the meaning of inclusion!
Mikayla poses with her mom, Kim (left)
and Colleen Mooney-McGee, the manager of community and government affairs at
Crayola, and students from BAVTS.
Thank you to the Easton Area Family YMCA for hosting the display of painting
for Mikayla's Voice and the students of Easton Area Middle School.

The grant for this program is funded by Crayola.


  1. What a wonderful project to be associated with. An kudos to the students who so willingly help.


    1. It is a great organizations, thanks, Diana!

  2. Awesome! And, go Crayola and all involved in making this happen! blessings ~ tanna

    1. It is so wonderful to watch kids take care of kids!

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