Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Year Was 1966

Hummm......what were you doing in 1966!?


Jim, who writes from the man's perspective on his blog, The Masculine Pen, wrote an interesting post, which got me thinking about writing.  As a teacher, I would give my students random newspaper pictures without captions, or objects pulled from a hat to get their creative juices flowing. Do you think I give myself such challenges? Of course not! I toy with writing from time to time, but most of my writing is done right here on my blog, and none of it too creative or challenging. So, when I read his post, which you can read here,  I decided to dig into my wallet and see what coin I would grab without peeking,  and what year I would need to think about. As you see in the photo above, it was a 1966 dime.

So, what was I doing in 1966?

Well, first I had to do the math to obtain my age that year, and I was TWELVE...yep, 12 years old, and I would have been in the 7th grade.  Obviously, a tween, and I am sure I was starting to feel very grown-up. There is one event that always stands out in my mind that year, which was rather, "grown-up," and that is that I went to see my first adult  movie (not as in in not a child's film), alone!

We lived only a few blocks from the movie theater, and I am not even sure my parents knew that I went to the movies that Saturday afternoon. If they did, they certainly did not know what movie I went to see, nor would they have read the reviews. Did they put reviews in the newspaper then? Were movies even rated then? I wanted to see this particular movie only because I liked the theme song that I often heard on the radio.  The movie was "Georgy Girl" remember the song? Such a happy song, if you recall. The movie was not exactly the as happy as the tune.  I did not understand anything going on in the movie, I found it to be very boring and confusing. After all, I was a 12 year old, sheltered, Catholic school girl!  I cannot recall any scene other that the  scene when Georgy was swinging down the street so fancy free! (as the song goes)  I had to look at clips to recall anything else, and oh my what a movie it was.

I've embedded a clip of the movie, which NO 12 year old girl should've watched, yet alone....

...and to help you recall, or maybe present to you for the first time, the song that enticed me to go see the movie.

Such a sweet happy song.....who knew the movie was so deep!  Seriously, I could not tell you anything more about the movie, thankfully, it did not imprint on in my mind.


  1. Thanks for the kind word here and at my blog. You just gave me a trip down memory lane. I was a bit younger than you at the time. But the song Georgy Girl is one that I remember!



  2. Did not see the movie . . . what a horrid little girl . . . lol
    I must have been very lucky with my daughter ~ never had any problem with her . . but her mother was an angel , now with the angels . . . :)
    I remember the song by the Seekers. I had a big crush on Judith Durham ~ her voice still affects me . . . she sings so beautifully . . .
    Thanks for the memory. . . . :)
    Cheers . . . Eddie . . :)

  3. Oh . . . and I saw them perform live here in Bristol. UK. they sounded even better in real life . . .
    I have some great news ~ my daughter is expecting a child in August . . . over the moon . . . :)

  4. I only remember the same part of the movie that you do, and i was about 18, love the song though.


  5. I was 10... and I remember the song! I LOVED it! I'm just smiling that you went alone and your parents didn't even know... we did have so much more freedom than the children now. =) blessings ~ tanna


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