Sunday, January 4, 2015

Point Worthy Foods

My husband made his annual resolution to lose weight and I am happy to help him with his goal. I like when he decides to lose weight and eat better because it motivates me to do the same. I do NOT like, however, when I am cooking, baking and working to help him and I discover candy bar wrappers in his pockets or in the car. He has promised to eat what I provide and stay away from junk. I will keep you posted on how long he lasts! In the meantime, I have started stocking up on foods that I know he can quickly and safely eat without doing damage to his waistline.

Egg McRosie
 Jim gets up early for work and doesn't like to eat as soon as he gets up, so I have prepared and froze 6 egg sandwiches that he can warm up in the microwave at work on his morning break for 8 points+ breakfast.

Each sandwich consists of an english muffin, one egg, a slice of cheddar cheese and a slice of deli ham. 

If Jim doesn't have a dessert after lunch he will feel deprived, so I made pumpkin muffins which are sweet yet low fat and have a low point value (4 pts+)

Mix together a box of spice cake mix, 1/2 c unsweetened applesauce and  15 oz. can pumpkin puree; divide into 14 muffins and you have a great treat!  Make the muffins smaller to if you want lower point value, but I like a larger muffin.

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  1. Jim is a lucky man!! Wouldn't it be nice to have someone fix our meals?! blessings ~ tanna


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