Friday, January 9, 2015

Grow Your Blog

My name is Rose and as you can guess by the title of my blog, I am an Italian grandmother, and proud of it.  I enjoy knitting, cooking, writing and being busy, so I do a lot of volunteer work. I have been knitting for 30 years and finally consider myself an expert knitter.  I do hope if you find my blog you will become one of my followers. I have linked my blog to some very talented and creative people, please check them out too!

One of those talented people I have discovered is the very talented and creative Vick over at  '2 Bags Full.'  Vick is hosting a "Grow Your Blog" party in a few weeks, and I am so happy to be among those joining the group. If it was not for Tanna at Brick Street Bungalow I would never have discovered Vicki or this event.

The few of you following my blog, know that I had a pretty progressive nine year old knitting blog prior to starting this blog, as well as, a cooking blog and a photography blog.  Life happens, and I made the decision to take down all three blogs. However, I missed blogging and felt sad that my readers must've wondered what happened to me, THE KNIGHTLY KNITTER!  Although, it is doubtful that everyone who previously read my blog(s) will find me again, this is a new day, a new blog and time to find new readers. So, with that, I am joining the "Grow Your Blog" party and I encourage you, if you have a blog to join me, all the particulars can be found HERE.

Thanks again to Tanna for alerting me to this great idea.  She is one of my original followers who found me because I never stopped following her! She so inspires me.


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